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Game Random Dice: Wars is an upcoming mobile and PC tower defense game that injects dice rolling mechanics into the classic genre. Developed by Imaginary Studios, Random Dice: Wars aims to provide a casual yet strategic experience for fans of dice games and tower defense alike.

Random Dice: Wars is a popular tower defense game for Android that pits players against one another in competitive dice battles. The game has garnered a strong following thanks to its simple yet strategic gameplay, cute graphics, and frequent updates adding new content. For players looking to get a leg up on the competition, there are modded versions of Random Dice: Wars available that unlock handy extras.

One such mod is the Random Dice: Wars MOD APK 2.12.11, which offers players free dice, full SP, and access to hidden menu options. With an essentially unlimited supply of dice, you can construct massive towers and deal devastating damage to opponents. The full SP allows you to utilize your most powerful dice abilities right from the start of each match. And the menu access lets you tweak various settings to your advantage.

✅ Name⭕ ​Random Dice: Wars
✅ Version⭐ 2.12.11
✅ Features MOD⭕ Menu, Free Dice, Full SP
✅ Size⭐ 360 MB
✅ Support⭕ Android 5.0+
✅ Category⭐ Puzzle, Strategy
✅ Set On⭕ Google Play
✅ Release⭕ 111%

Features of mod version 2.12.11 of the game Random Dice: Wars

The key highlights of the Random Dice: Wars MOD APK 2.12.11 are the unlocked menu, free dice, and full SP it provides. With the menu unlocked, you gain access to all sorts of handy tweaks and cheats normally hidden in the game code. This includes options to increase damage, spawn more dice, auto-merge towers, and more.

The free dice mod is self-explanatory, but incredibly useful. You’ll have unlimited dice to build and merge towers with, letting you construct elaborate dice formations from the start. And the full SP mod ensures your abilities are always ready to go, rather than having to wait for the slow SP regeneration during matches.

These mods provide a major advantage by letting you build stronger towers faster. With the menu access, you can also fine-tune other settings like increasing your tower HP for greater defense. While clearly cheating, the lure of these enhancements makes the Random Dice: Wars MOD an attractive download for anyone looking to crush the competition.

Random Dice: Wars MOD APK

The Basics: Tower Defense with Dice

The basics of Random Dice: Wars will feel familiar to tower defense aficionados. You start each level with a home base and construction points to build up your defenses. Waves of enemies march towards your base, and you must strategically place towers to take them down before they can damage your base. Where Random Dice: Wars shakes up the formula is with its armies made up of collectible dice, each with their own strengths and abilities.

Players will collect and merge basic 6-sided dice that spawn on the battlefield each turn. Matching numbers or sets of the same dice creates powerful combos and attacks to use against the incoming enemies. The dice come in different elements like fire, water, and technology, complete with flashy visual effects when merging and attacking. With enough planning, players can build up devastating towers and traps made out of chains of combined dice.

Random Dice: Wars MOD APK

Evolving Threats and Strategic Combos

Of course, the enemies won’t just wait around to be pummeled by your dice towers. As players progress through the Campaign, they’ll face off against giant boss units that require specific dice abilities to take down. Study your enemy’s weaknesses and construct your dice armies accordingly to counter the rising threats. Players can also upgrade their individual dice with coins earned in battle to increase their power. Unique properties like chain lightning and critical hit chance can be enhanced to make your dice even more effective against hordes of foes.

Figuring out powerful combinations and chaining huge combos will be key to mastering the later Campaign levels. Mixing fire and water dice can create steam attacks that damage a wide area. Technology dice can boost your other dice’s stats for exponential damage. Experimenting with dice combinations and tactical tower placement provides nearly endless strategic possibilities.

Competitive and Cooperative Play

Beyond the Campaign mode that features progressive maps and story cutscenes, Random Dice: Wars will offer an Endless survival mode for those who want to test their skills. Can your combination of dice withstand the unrelenting assault as enemies grow stronger and stronger? Try to reach new personal bests or team up with others in 2-4 player co-op Endless mode.

Competitive players can enter the PvP arena to challenge other players’ dice armies and climb the trophy rankings. Bet coins in exciting matches and reap rewards for emerging victorious. Daily leagues provide new opportunities to score big. Make strategic tweaks to your dice loadout to counter the popular meta. With ranked seasons, tournaments, and special events, PvP provides serious endgame content.

Massive Dice Collection

To keep gameplay fresh, Imaginary Studios plans to host limited-time Special Events with unique modifiers and challenges. The team also promises continued content updates with new dice types, maps, modes, and enemies – giving players reason to keep coming back. With over 100 unique dice planned at launch, collecting them all will take dedication and skill.

Dice are acquired through completing Campaign levels, earning PvP trophies, and buying card packs. Legendary rainbow dice have devastating abilities but extremely low drop rates. Assembling the perfect dice loadout could take months of work, providing lasting goals. Special holiday or theme dice will also appear for limited times.

Random Dice Wars MOD APK

Customization and Progression

For added customization, players can acquire alternate dice and base skins from completing events or through optional in-app purchases. Express your style with shiny prismatic dice skins or dark warlord armor base themes. With hundreds of cosmetics to mix and match, you can really make your battlefield your own.

Progression systems give that satisfying sense of growth over long play sessions. Upgrade your Account level to unlock elite dice packs and gain access to new modes and areas. Your individual dice also level up as you use them, granting stat boosts and additional upgrade slots. The metagame keeps evolving as more content gets added in frequent updates.

Monetization and Platforms

The game will launch as a free-to-play title with rewarded ads and a battle pass subscription for serious fans. The developers promise gameplay won’t be “pay to win,” with most monetization restricted to cosmetics. By targeting both mobile and PC, Random Dice: Wars will attract gamers who want quick casual sessions on the go or a deeper strategic experience at their desktop.

Smooth cross-platform cloud saving allows you to sync progress wherever you play. Hop in for a few battles on your phone during lunch break, then pick back up on PC at home. GNU/Linux and macOS versions are also planned following the initial Windows/Android/iOS launch.

Random Dice Wars MOD APK

Promises for players of Random Dice: Wars Mod Apk

By merging the probability and collection aspects of dice games with strategic tower defense, Game Random Dice: Wars aims to offer an addictive and accessible experience. Imaginary Studios hopes to attract mobile gamers looking for quick pickup sessions on the go, as well as hardcore strategy fans craving complex combos. With a dash of randomness and plenty of adversaries to test your skills, Game Random Dice: Wars could shake up the tower defense scene when it launches later this year.

The developers promise a high skill ceiling with enough content to keep even the most dedicated players engaged for the long haul. Frequent events and new dice will continuously shift the metagame and competitive environment. Easy to learn but challenging to master, Random Dice: Wars is set to deliver a fresh new take on tower defense for PC and mobile fans.



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